About us

At NY Omega Designs we provide clean, fresh, eye catching up to date Web design that would make any client know you mean business. We provide Logo and Graphic design that will offer you 5 to 7 designs from you to choose and redesign for your perfection. High quality printing with over 10 years experience under our belt, we can print from business cards to banners to wrapping your company vehicle. Our services do not stop there – our Social Media Management team will get your company Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.. Etc to high ranking and actual interaction with your customers rather than just posting information and calling it a day.

We have so many services available for your company at low prices and top quality! The best part about it all is  we are 100% USA based. We do not out source overseas for any services. We take the time understand our clients individually, as each business has a different message but a common goal to reach their consumer. Our clients commonly recognize increased web traffic, improved brand loyalty and new user interests.

We have separate departments for each of our services, specializing in planning, design, development and marketing. Representatives from all of our departments work together, to ensure our customers, the completion and success of their project. We are truly the ”one stop shop” for your business needs.

NY Omega Designs has a proven track record of meeting deadlines, working within tight budgets and delivering a successful performance.